Tails and Amy Rose were walking through a lakeside wood.

"Hey, Amy!" Tails explained. "There's a cabin over there!" "Yes, Tails," said Amy. "Let's go in and have fun with our feet." "Feet?" asked Tails, confused.

Tails and Amy entered the cabin and sat on a bed. Amy untied Tails' shoes and took them off, revealing his white socks while Tails removed Amy's boots from her socked feet. Amy grabbed Tails' socks and removed them, revealing Tails' orange bare feet and toes. He did so, revealing Amy's pink bare feet and toes.

"Your feet are so cute," said Tails. "Thank, Tails," Amy said, blushing.

Tails wiggled his five toes on each foot at Amy's bare feet. He stroke his big toe over her pink soles.

"Tails, you're playing with my feet," Amy chuckled. "That's cute."

Amy poked Tails' bare feet with her big toes. She stroke Tails' soles with her big toe. Tails spread his toes.

"Amy, you're tickling my feet," Tails giggled, looking at his bare feet and toes.

Amy knew Tails' feet were soft and ticklish. She used both her index fingers to tickle his soles, "Tickle tickle tickle."

"Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehheheheheheehheheheheheheheheheehe" Tails giggled as his feet twitched slightly from the touch.

Amy kept storming the little orange fox's soles faster and faster, wiggling all 10 of his toes.


After Amy was done tickling Tails' feet, Tails asked Amy, "Amy, can I do your feet?"

Amy answered, "Sure, Tails."

Tails rubbed down one of Amy's five-toed pink bare feet. Amy wiggled her five toes at Tails's face.

Tails stood up and went to get a blue marker. He sat down, smiled happily and began to draw a small picture on Amy's right sole.

“Heeheeheehee! That tickles!” giggled Amy

Once he was done with Amy's right sole, Tails began began drawing another picture on her left sole. Once she was done, she asked Amy to put her feet together. And then he began to draw a large shape across both her feet, for what felt to Amy like a heart. Tails then asked to Amy to spread her feet apart again, while she went and grabbed a mirror. Before holding it in front of Amy’s feet, she asked her to try and make out what he just drew.

When Amy looked into the mirror, she began to see what Tails had drawn on her feet. Putting her feet together again, it showed drawings of Tails and Amy’s faces looking at one another, with a big heart drawn around them.

Amy smiled. A tear of joy even filled her eye. Scooting herself towards the end of the bed, she pulled Tails towards her to give her a big hug. “Thank you, Tails!” she told him.

Tails hummed with joy as she hugged the pink hedgehog back. Tails smiled happily as Amy hold his hands.