Back at the forest house, Tails was in his bed. Mina sat next to him on the bed.

"Tails, are you okay, sweetie?" Mina asked him.

"Yes, Mina," Tails sighed sadly.

Mina smiled at him.

"Don't worry, Tails," she said. "Your parents will see you after you'll defeat Robotnik and Metal Tails."

Tails nodded.

"Don't you mean?" Tails asked sadly.

"Yes," Mina said, looking at his cute little face.

Tails blushed with shyness. Mina rubbed his burning red cheeks gently.

"Tails, you're such a cute little fox and my best ever boyfriend," Mina said.

"Thank you, Mina," Tails said, giving her a hug.

At Dr. Robotnik's lair, three robots walked up to Robotnik and Snively. The first robot was a tall, lanky, robotic rooster with a metallic gray coloration on most of his body and a tall slender neck. He also had a black metal plate surround his back and a black belt around his lower torso, chicken-like legs, a yellow beak, red stratal atop his head and a red goatee. The second robot was a small, short, stocky teal mole that moved with two continuous track, as one on each side. His round head had two analogue instrument meter eyes, a white aerial on the back of the head and large drill bit for a nose. In between head and body went yellow line. Lower, broad body had blue button, each shoulder was round-shaped and left one had an Robotnik empire symbol in it, while each hand had set slightly smaller drill pit. The third robot was a monkey with an incandescent light bulb coming out of the top, a red head with round tinplate ears, black eyes and a small nose. His face was peach. His body and tail was gray, with the exception of a trio of buttons underneath a rectangle panel on his chest, while his feet were red. His arms were tan, as were his hands, with silver band around his elbows.

"Robotnik!" said the chicken robot.

"WHO ARE YOU ?!" Robotnik growled.

"You call me, Scratch," said the chicken robot.

"I'm Grounder," said the mole robot.

"My name is Coconuts," said the monkey robot.

"We're the Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad!" they explained.

Robotnik started at three robots.

"Those robots were created by you to capture the blue hedgehog, sir," Snively said.

"Alright, I'll build a replica robot of Tails," Robotnik added, walking between Scratch and Grounder.

"Your supreme rottenness," said Scratch, "Tails is love with a yellow mongoose."

"YES, YOU METAL DUMBOTS!!!" Robotnik snarled.

"Sure, vile wickedness," Grounder said.

"I want you three, along with Orbot and Cubot, to capture Tails and Mina," Robotnik ordered.

At the forest house, Tails and Mina were in the living room.

"So Tails," said Mina, "Robotnik is building a robotic replica of you."

"He is...," said Tails.

Suddenly, they heard a loud exploding noise, and ran outside. Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts and two familiar robots. The first familiar robot was very small. He had a very round red head with glowing light blue eyes and mouth, his torso was compromised of a ball joint with thin metal bars and his end was the half of a sphere. The second familiar robot was very small, like Orbot. He had a very square yellow head with glowing light blue eyes and mouth, his torso was compromised of a square joint with a thin metal bars and his end was the half of a cube.

"Why are you returning to work with Dr. Robotnik?" asked Tails.

"Because Dr. Robotnik give us another chance," said Scratch, giving a cockadoodle-like laugh.

"And you two-tailed canine brat is going to be thrown away with your mongoose girlfriend," replied Grounder.

Suddenly, a red shell sped by. The shell uncurled, revealing a black and peach armadillo with light blue eyes and black nose. He wore large black, red and brown boots, black fingerless gloves with red lining, the finger holes and buckled brown cuffs, with bandages wrapped around his lower arms. A yellow flying squirrel flied through the forest and landed next to the armadillo. The flying squirrel had a tan muzzle and circular patch on his chest, similar to Sonic. He had a bushy yellow tail and patagium. He wore a light blue scarf, flight googles, a blue jacket, white gloves with blue cuffs and blue shoes with white cuffs/socks.

"Who are you, too?" asked Scratch.

"I'm Mighty the Armadillo," said the armadillo.

"And I'm Ray the Flying Squirrel," said the flying squirrel.

"Get lost, squirrel," ordered Scratch, "We're here to capture Tails and Mina." He laughed while holding up his left index finger.

Then, a telephone rang inside Grounder. Scratch opened Grounder's chest compartment with his left hand and pulled out a telephone with his right hand.

"Yes," Scratch answered the phone.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, YOU TWO STUPID UNINTELLIGENT BATTERY-BRAINED IDIOTS?!!!!" Robotnik growled very loudly over the phone at him and Grounder.

"Tails and Mina are..." Scratch shuttered.

"テイルスとミナは、離れて行きます," (Tails and Mina are getting away) Cubot replied.

"What does he say?" Scratch asked.

"Colas y Mina están saliendo," (Tails and Mina are getting away) Cubot answered.

"I can't hear you," Scratch put his right hand on his ear.

"Tails and Mina are getting away," Cubot said.

"WHAT?!!" Scratch exclaimed in shock.

He, Grounder, Coconuts, Orbot and Cubot saw that Tails and Mina ran away, so Mighty and Ray were ready to attack them. Tails and Mina hid inside a earth house incorporated into a small hill. The front entrance was a round door with a small peephole and an overhang made of thin stilts and large green leaves. Her front yard had a lot of objects on both sides which included makeshift ables, baskets of fruits and junk.

The main interior of the burrow was a single room held up by arching wooden support beams with a dirt floor and moss-covered walls. The burrow mostly held living room furniture made of bamboo, animal skin and unrefined wood, and a small kitchen desk in the back. The burrow was filled with various stuff which Sticks had found in nature. In the furthest back of the burrow lied a lumber room which hosted the only entrance to the a group of frogs called Froglodites' dark murky caves with moss growing in patches.

"Tails! Mina!" A familiar voiced called out behind them.

A familiar orange-furred peach-skinned blue-eyed badger ran up to them.

"Sticks?" Tails asked, puzzled.

"Yes," answered the jungle badger, "Robotnik's plan is to build a robotic replica of you, Tails."

"Robot?!" Tails shivered.

"Metal Tails," Sticks replied, "Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, Orbot and Cubot are Robotnik's robot minions, and Snively is Robotnik's assistant.

"You mean his nephew?" Tails asked again.

"Yes," answered Sticks.

"Sticks, Robotnik and Snively are planning to use their robot minions to take over Mobius," Mina said.

"I know this point, Sticks" Tails said.

"Sure thing, Tails and Mina," Sticks smiled at them.