Tails and Mina went to a restaurant. They walked in from the left.

"Good evening, sir," said Tails to a dog server. "Table for two, please."

"Sure," said the dog server, "you two can go right this way."

"Thank you, sir," said Tails, grinning at the dog server with glee.

A moment later, Tails was shocked to see Mina trying walking up to the table but she began to loose her balance and fell right onto Tails' arms.

"Gotcha, Mina!" Tails explained.

"Thank you, Tails," Mina sighed, blushing.

Tails and Mina were sitting at a table.

"Mina, this is the best date ever," Tails said to Mina.

"Thank you, sweetie," Mina said.

A dog waiter walked up to the table.

"Can I take your order now-a?" asked the waiter dog.

"Yes!" Tails and Mina answered, holding up two menus.

"I'll have roasted ribs and Mina's going to have a lobster salad," Tails told the waiter.

"Right, said the waiter, taking away the menu and walking away.

"So," Tails said to Mina, "what's the appetizer?"|

"Ummm, Bacon wrapped," said Mina.

Tails and Mina ate the bacon wrapped appetizers.

"Cutie, I need a plane to fly to defeat Robotnik," Tails told Mina.

"Sure, sweetie," said Mina, blushing.

The waiter walked up to the table, serving roasted ribs and a lobster salad, giving them to Tails and Mina.

"Here you go," said the waiter, "roasted ribs for Tails and a lobster salad for Mina. Bon appetite.

Tails and Mina were eating as the waiter gave the dessert menu to them.

"I'll have an banana cream pie and Mina's going to have an strawberry shortcake," said Tails as the waiter took the dessert menu away and walked away.

"Tails," said Mina, "you know what the date is."

"You mean like going out for dinner, movies and dancing," Tails told her.

"Oh, Tails," Mina said, blushing, rubbing Tails' cheeks, "you're the sweetest, cutest and most adorable fox boyfriend I've ever had."

"Thanks, Mina," Tails added.

The waiter came in with an banana cream pie and a strawberry shortcake, gave them to Tails and Mina. They were eating as the waiter gave them a bill.

"What's this?" Tails asked.

"The bill," answered the waiter, "that'll be one hundred mobiums."

"Ok," Tails said, blushing, giving money to the waiter, grabbing Mina and dragging her to the dance.

That night after the dance, the young orange two-tailed fox in a black tuxedo and the teenage yellow mongoose in a blue dress, Tails and Mina, walked back to the forest house.

"Thanking for taking me on a date for dinner to the dance, Mina," said Tails.

"You're welcome, Tails," Mina said.

She kissed Tail on the cheek; joy and happiness wrote themselves all over his face when she did do. Tails smiled, blushed and giggled with glee. His cheeks were red and hot. He and Mina were inside a forest house. Tails was now wearing a light blue pajamas and barefoot. Mina was now wearing a light green nightgown and barefoot too. They were on a bunk beds.

"Tails, I wanted to say thank you," Mina said to Tails.

"You're welcome, Mina," said Tails, blushing with joy.

"So, Tails, you're my boyfriend," Mina said.

"Oh, boy," Tails added, "Come here you!"

Mina jumped out of bed and on top of Tails and they start playing. Tails tickled her five-toed bare feet with his five-fingered hands. Mina laughed hysterically, tickled Tails' stomach and bare feet with her fingers. Tails giggled happily, tickling her feet. They stopped tickling and playing before they went to bed, said goodnight to each other and went fast asleep. The next morning, Tails and Mina woke up, ate ham and eggs for breakfast and went outside.

"This place is so beautiful, Tails," said Mina.

"Yes, it is," Tails smiled.

Just then, a young pink hedgehog came into the forest. She had green eyes and peach-skinned muzzle, arms and torso like Sonic. Unlike other hedgehogs, her spines were not spiky in appearance but rather were curved and stylized, somewhat resembling a bob cut. She wore a short red dress with white trim, tall red boots with a white cuff and stripe, a red hairband and white gloves with gold cuffs.

"Amy Rose, what are you doing here?" asked Tails.

"Oh Fiddlesticks!" said Amy, "I'm trying to look for Sonic."

"Sonic," said Mina, "you mean your boyfriend, like Princess Sally Acorn?"

"Yes," added Amy, "Sonic is my boyfriend."

"Of course," went on Mina, "it's true. Tails is my boyfriend too."

"Sure thing, cupcake face," Tails said to Mina.

Tails spoke to Amy.

"So, Amy, you'll meet Sally Acorn," Tails told Amy.

"Alright," Amy said, walking away.

Amy walked to a large hut-like wooden stilt house at the shot of a clear lake. The house was very refined and neat, if not funny, with purple alls, brown pillars, large windows and doors in all four directions, and a three-layered straw roof with pink binds. A porch with railings surrounds the house which was connected with four bridges, one of which leaded into the lake. The house's surroundings included beds of flowers, a flower arch entrance, and a small garden on a platform to the side and a staircase leading up a nearby tree.

The interior of the house was quite neat as well, with high-class furniture such as lavender couches, coffee tables, pots, carpets, elaborate bamboo closets and cases, a ceiling fan, a small kitchen, and several pictures.

When Amy came inside a house, she met a ground squirrel with tan-brown fur (with light brown on the face and torso) as well as short, auburn hair, blue eyes, and a short bushy tails. She wore a short, open, light-blue vest, tall, matching blue boots with white outlines on the buckles, black, sleeveless crop-top and black shorts, both with white rimming, and white gloves with blue bangles.

"Hi, Sally Acorn," said Amy.

"Hi, Amy Rose," said Sally.

"What are you doing in my house?" Amy asked her.

"I'm hanging out with you," Sally answered.

"What are those?" Amy asked her again.

Sally wore a pair of bracelets around her gloves called the Ring-Blades.

"These are Ring-Blades," Sally said, generating a solid, holographic double-edged blue blade, "These are used for self-defense."

Amy was impressed.

"You wear them," she said.

"Sure thing," said Sally.

Meanwhile, Tails and Mina walked around the forest. Tails picked up some flowers and gave them to Mina.

"I got the flowers for you, Mina!" Tails added.

"Oh, flowers!" Mina smiled, "Oh, how lovely!"

"And here's a box of chocolates for you!" Tails said, giving a heart-shaped box of chocolates to her.

"Mina, you're as beautiful as ever," Tails said, blushing.

"That's funny, I though I saw Amy Rose," Mina laughed nervously.

"Mina, are we going to beach?" Tails asked.

"Yes," answered Mina.

So they went to a beach. Tails was wearing a light blue bathing suit and light brown sandals, and Mina a two-piece green bathing suit and green sandals. They were relaxing in two beach chairs and listening to electronic music.

"What a great day," Tails said.

Tails ran off to build a sandcastle. He saw Amy and Cream, wearing a two-piece red bathing suit with yellow hearts on it and a pink bathing suit, respectively, realizing in two beach chairs, too. Cheese came to see Tails when a very large burly cat walked in front of him. The majority of his body fur consisted of two shades of purple: light and dark. A striped pattern ran up his arms and tail. His feet each had five toes, like most Mobians, and were covered in dark purple fur up to his ankles as well as the outer tip of his ears, while his upper legs, back and sides were covered in light purple fur. White fur covered his chest, torso and inner ears. His eyes were small and round with yellow sclera and black rises. He wore tan gloves, sandals, and a matching belt with gold buckle. He carried a fishing rod with him. A green frog with orange stripes and dark green stripes on his body and black eyes with yellow sclera hopped next to Tails.

"Hi, Big," said the cute little orange fox.

"Hi, Tails," said the big purple cat, "Come here, Froggy."

Froggy jumped on top of Tails, who was blushing with shyness. Cream walked in front of him, and rubbed Tails' burning bright red cheeks.

"Tails, do you like Mina?" Cream asked.

"Yes," Tails answered.

"So, Tails, can we go swimming now?" Cream asked.

"Alright," answered Tails.

Tails and Cream ran barefoot and jumped into the water, swimming. They went underwater. Tails held his breath so he saw a black shark with white stripes around his muzzle and torso, and gold eyes with black irises. He had a necklace around his neck, along with a sword that he carried around, and a green rope around his waist in which he carried a dagger with a long grey blade, a dark grey handle and a yellow ring-shaped pommel and a pouch. His shark-fin had a ring carved through it. His ears and the fin on his head were pierced with rings. Unlike the other Mobians, he had no visible nose and no visible toes on his feet. He had a green and black Chao with a spiked-ball floating above his green head, and blank-white eyes. When he came to a giant bubble, he inhales it, much like Sonic did.

"Who are you?" Tails asked the shark.

"I'm Razor the Shark, the guardian and the protector of the Eusebes Shrine" said the shark, "and this is my pet Chao, Crusher."

"You're a shark," Tails said, his voice sounded very bubbly.

Behind him was an orange-skinned/scaled beta fish with a thin tail fin. Additionally, she had shoulder-length fin growing from her head, giving the appearance of hair, and two smaller additional fins growing on her forearms. She has purple eyes and a white muzzle with no visible nose, unlike mammalian Mobians, and two smaller white orbs on her forehead. Unlike most Mobians, she wore no shoes or gloves, and had no visible toes on her feet. She wore a mint green dress with a purple sash and a mint green turban with four white corals ornaments, with purple stripes on them.

"Are you Coral the Betta, the priestess of the Eusebes Temple?" Tails asked, puzzled.

"Yes," answered the betta fish.

A gray manta ray with light celery green eyes swam next to Tails. She wore an orange dress, black leggings and gray shoes. She had a white muzzle and spots on both of her sides on her head. She had a dark-gray oval on the top of her head. Unlike most Mobians and like Razor the Shark and Coral the Betta, she lacks any visible nose, and her feet lack any visible toes.

"Hi, I'm Pearly the Manta Ray," said the manta ray.

"I'm Tails," Tails added.

Another giant bubble floats up to him, which he inhaled.

"Robotnik and Snively are building a robotic replica of you," Razor said, pointing his left index finger at Tails.

The orange barefoot fox nodded.

"So, the robot's name is Metal Tails," asked the cute little fox.

"Sure," said the shark.

"Tails," replied Pearly, pointing her right index finger at him, "there's a robot shark behind you!"

A giant robotic dark grey shark with red eyes and metallic teeth and flippers swam towards Tails, Corral, Razor, Crusher and Pearly. They screamed, their voices sounded bubbly as they swam off. The robot shark's sharp teeth and mighty jaws chomped. Tails' tails were used as boat propellers to swim faster, grabbing Corral, Razor, Crusher and Pearly, going up for air. Just above water, a small patch began to bubble, and Tails poked his head up, gasping for air. He climbed out of the water, gasping and coughing. Behind him, the water bubbled, a giant robot shark jumped out of the water and tried to eat Tails, but when a familiar red echidna came out of the sand, it ate the echidna. Knuckles then punched through the robot shark's jaws, destroying them, landing next to Tails who was gasping and coughing.

"Tails!" Knuckles exclaimed.

Corral, Razor, Crusher and Pearly walked to him.

Tails groaned and moaned.

"Tails!" a familiar voice came out.

A familiar yellow mongoose ran up to a orange fox.

"Tails, are you okay?" Mina asked, holding him up.

"Oh, Mina? Is that you?" Tails asked.

"Tails, speak to me," Mina said as tears came out of her eyes, rolling down her cheeks.

Tails closed his eyes as Mina started crying. She took him to her forest house.

Knuckles watched them in guiltiness and sadness, along Cream, Corral, Razor, Crusher and Pearly.